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3 Months Into Jack's 2023

I often struggle to come up with a good new years resolution because of one of two reasons; either it is not challenging enough so I can complete it easily and it won't take long, or a couple months down the line I will have a change of heart and decide on something totally different. For instance, last year I wanted to play basketball on a more casual basis during the week so I could improve, but instead when the weather got nicer I chose to switch to golf instead. By doing so I found myself writing this not having played a game of organized basketball since I focused my time on my golf game. I can almost always be successful in motivating myself to complete short term objectives but I wanted to find a way to be able to set sustainable goals that would allow me to indulge in my personal pleasures while staying composed and mentally engaged in my long term ambitions.

I thought to myself "How will 2023 be different?" and immediately thought of one thing: sustainability. What will be the determining factor of whether or not I reach my goal? Then I did some more reflecting and came to the realization that I shouldn't be making a list of things I want to accomplish that are unrealistic or might be challenged by the present circumstances in my life. Setting too high expectations of myself was a major contributing factor in why my 2022 felt underwhelming and like there was a lot of opportunity I had left on the table by simply not acting on what I promised myself and others. All it takes is failure at something that might not have even been possible to throw off my outlook on myself and the future.

One thing that has changed so far is that I have taken almost every opportunity presented to me and taken into serious consideration what it could do for me and how it could change my future. Thus, my new years resolution is to do one thing a day that makes me feel good while at the same time contributing to a larger agenda which isn't as fixed anymore so now I can be more open with the tasks im taking on and focus my efforts on my day to day well being. I find that now I am happier and more prepared for adversity and challenges throughout the year.

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